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Yahoo Store Glossary - Memory
Limitions--New Designs and Materials Tackle 1 Gb Memory Challenge -- SI November 2000
Lecture--Memory Technologies Buses-Access

Rep 4 - Funk & Wagnalls Multimedia Encyclopedia
Charge-coupled device - A-to-Z Science -'s How Digital Cameras Work
Dictionary Charge-Coupled Device (CCD)
Kapitel X
CCD - a whatis definition - see also charge-coupled device
Tutorial -- Introduction to scientific imaging CCDs
T&MW Online-- How Do CCDs Capture Images
6.1 The MOS Capacitor - Introduction
Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primer Photomicrography - Concepts in Digital Imaging - Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) Capacitor Cool Image

Rep 1's How Random Access Memory (RAM) Works
Rambus DRAM - greater bandwidth in the box
Hardware Central SDRAM vs. RDRAM

How memory works
Introduction To Capacitors - Technical Article
Capacitors Lecture-Some Apps (just like ECE)
Single Electron Memory
Types of Capacitors (w. pics)
NEC develops .25-micron (FRAM vs SDRM)
IBM website(trench stacked manufacturing)
7.2.2 Stacked Capacitor DRAM Cell Capacitor
Kingston Technology Company - The Ultimate Memory Guide

Rep 3

Capacitor - A-to-Z Science -
(Ba,Sr)TiO3 dielectrics for future stacked- capacitor DRAM
Picture of DRAM chip
Enlarged Diagram schematic cross section through stacked capacitor DRAM cell

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Integrated circuits
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