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  GTA2 Tanks
   This is a simple guide that will lead you to all the tanks I could find in the downtown first level of the game.  You will not find a guide to how to get there since that would be too much typing, so it is up to you to find your own way.

Tank is GTA2 is the most powerful vehicle any hijacker can get.  With it you can keep the cops at bay with it's powerful cannon that spells death to anything it hits.  Even though it may seem invulnerable, you still have limited ammo (20 shots) and you can get busted if a cop gets into it.  When you do get busted the crappy part is that you cannot get back into the tank, so don't get busted!  Enuff of the chatting, on to the tanks.

Click to see the larger version

Tank #1
  The first tank is found in the most south east scrap yard.  Once you enter the scrap yard, go as far west as you can until you find a small path.  This path will lead you to the tank.  Here are some screenshots to make it easier to follow.

The south scrap yard

Head as far west inside the scrap yard as possible to this path

Kill Frenzy time!


Tank #2
  The next one is found on the most west side of the city on University.  The easiest way to find it is get onto south Avalon, then head west until you reach a line of buildings which line the end of the map.  From there follow along the buildings heading south.  You should be able to spot the tank hidden in an cove, its near a portion of the road which is checkered.

University, shhh!

Tank#2 spotted.

Once you get the tank you can have some fun like me!  So don't just stare at those screenshots, do something!

Truly invulnerable to everything

Even the cops are having problems stopping cold steel

Aim, Fire!
  Take me home again

Tank #1
Tank #2