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Welcome to my homepage.  My page currently best viewed in Internet Explorer 4 and above.  The Netscape doesn't support the DHTML folder navigation system so it displays bullets instead and the buttons on the top left don't work.  Another problem with Netscape is that when you click to enlarge the images in the guides, it displays the image as a broken link.  This is not bad html coding but Tripod's fault.  To see the image in Netscape, right click on the broken image and then select View Image, the image will now load.
To prevent all this, run Internet Explorer.  If you have IE installed, load it up and see the difference yourself, otherwise using Communicator is fine too.  For those who still use version 3 of any web browser, consider upgrading.  If you are using Netscape Navigator 3, the navigation system doesn't work at all.  Use the links on the pages to get around.  I'll do a sitemap when I find the time.

So what's this site going to be all about?  Well to tell you the truth I don't really know.  Hopefully it will provide you with reviews, hints and tips for both games and programs that I can get my hands on.  I am a busy student so don't expect too much from me :)

Feb. 6 2000
It's done! A complete guide to getting all the bonuses in Rogue Squadron.  All walkthroughs are here with screenshots.  Click to visit!

Feb. 27 2000
Since Grand Theft Auto 2 is about causing mass havoc, this tank guide will help you find the equipment to do real damage.  It is only for the downtown map.

Mar. 14 2000
For all those people who enjoy writing essays (do u have a life?), I posted a guide for making proper MLA footnotes/endnotes, citations and cited lists.  It may come in handy sometime later on it your life, who knows....

Apr. 23 2000
Updated the Rogue Squadron guide with a complete player profile with all the missions and bonus (including missions) for those who are too lazy to finish the game themselves :P  Click to download it!

The navigation bar on the left acts the same way as the taskbar in Windows9x.  When the page loads, the side bar is hidden outside the page (the yellow box on the edge of the screen)  Move your mouse over it to make it appear.  Do the same thing to make it hide.

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