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  Rogue Squadron Guide
  So you played Rogue Squadron but haven't found all the secrets? Well this guide just the thing to help you out.  After having finished the game and receiving gold in every mission I have decided to write a guide to help all those fledging pilots out. In no time will you be come an expert at this game.

I didn't write a complete guide since those are extremely boring to read.  Reading won't make you a better pilot.

Screen shots have also been included to make it easier to spot the bonuses.  Click on them to view a larger image.

If you are too lazy to do all the missions or just want to play the bonuses, you can download my player with all the completed missions.

Defection of Corelia
  This is a tricky bonus to get, since it is in a tight spot.  It is found in the second city where there is an attack by Storm Troopers and Waveskimmers.  To find it, look for 3 low lying buildings in a row. The secret is between two of them.  The best way to get it is make a long run and then brake like crazy and prepare to pull up when you do get it.

Look near the 3 low lying buildings


The Jade Moon
  Once the mission is started you see a shuttle craft taking off.  Behind the shuttle craft in the distance there is a canyon to the left.  Follow the canyon until you see a missile turret on a high ledge.  Just behind that turret is a facility of some sort.  Destroy it to get Advanced Shields.

Look to the left to see the canyon to go into

There is the missile turret

The bonus is in the building below


Imperial Construction Yards
  After following the path with the radar dishes that you had to destroy, fly straight forward towards the laser turret in the distance. You should see a shuttle craft taking off from a large platform. In that area near the platform below the missile turret, there is a cylindrical building. Destroy it to get the bonus.

Fly straight ahead out of the canyon

There is the shuttle

Take this container out to get it


Prisons of Kessel
  Near the second prison, there is a high ledge hidden with a missile turret (you have to fly high to see it). Destroy the bunker to get Seeker Cluster Missiles.

From the second prison look up!

Blast the bunker to get seeker cluster missiles


Battle above Talorann
  Play the mission till the end where you see the big city in the sky. Fly above the city and at center of the city, look straight down, it should be there. It is an advance laser upgrade.

City in the sky

Fly high above and look down below


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