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  Rogue Squadron Guide
Escape From Fest
  Fly to the location where the the large AT-AT walker is shooting at the stolen vehicles. Make a left from that location and fly as high as you can in the direction of the science facility. You should be able to see 2 laser turrets and a bunker near them. Destroy the building to get Seeker Missiles.

There is the science facility.  Behind it on the hill is the bonus

Two turrets guard the bunker


  Follow the train to the city. When you reach the city ignore the train you are suppose to protect. Instead, fly parallel to the tracks that led you to the city. (not the tracks in the city) When you reach the end look right. You should be able to see an AT-PT shooting at 3 towers. Kill the AT-PT and the bonus will come out of it.

Fly parallel to the tracks to the back of the city

The three towers and the AT-ST

Take out the AT-ST to get the bonus


Raid On Sullest
  Find the location where there is are several missile turrets and a large platform (there is only one so it shouldn't be hard to find). On the wall of the volcano in that area, you should see a massive building (the large one with the slanted side). Destroy it and the bonus will appear.

There is the platform

The big building to take out


Moff Seerdon's Revenge
  As soon as the mission starts, you in the direction of a missile turret.  Make a hard left (about 300 degrees).  You will see a bunker and a large civilian building.  Destroy the bunker to get the upgrade.

Make a hard left right as you start the mission

There is the civilian building and the bunker destroyed


  Tell me about the secret missions and ships!

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