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  Rogue Squadron Guide
Download For Game Completed Player

Click here to download the completed player profile will all the missions and bonuses completed by me.

Instructions in below are also included in the zip file in readme.txt

1 ---
Go into your Rogue Squadron subfolder called "PlayerProfiles" (without quotes) and backup the file player_00.sav

2 ---
Extract the file player_00.sav from this zip file

3 ---

Copy player_00.sav into your Rogue Squadron subfolder called "PlayerProfiles" (without the quotes). Windows will ask you to replace the current player_00.sav, say yes. (That is your current player profile which you backed up in step 1)
eg. c:\where_rogue_squadron_is_installed\PlayerProfiles

4 ---
Run the game and load up the profile Memphyst. Have fun!

If you wish to restore the backed up player, just copy the backup file over the current player_00.sav

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Secret Ships