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  Rogue Squadron Guide

So you think you have finished the game after The Battle of Calamari? Not so fast, there are still more goodies!

More Missions
  Join the ranks of the elite to get these missions.  To get the first one you need at least one bronze medal in every previous mission.  To get the second one you need to have at least a silver in every previous mission.  Finally the last and the hardest one to get you need all gold in every mission.

1. Race through Beggar's Canyon

After a long battle, have a friendly race amongst your teammates

2. Death Star Trench Run

Did they do this in some movie? hmmm....

Ouch.  Getting pounded

3. Battle of Hoth

Check out the ships

Do you think they can see me up here?
Secret Ships
  And what? Even more good news, you get secret ships too!  Wow, they really packed this game with bonuses.

1. The Millennium Falcon

Guns away

Who said a 3 on 1 is unfair?

2. The Tie-Intercepter

The captured ship

I bet you that tie pilot will be surprised


Cheat Codes
  If you still think you cannot handle the game here are the cheat codes.  I warn you though, Rogue Squadron is a single player game so by cheating you will probably ruin some the the fun.  These codes are entered in the game menu, not in-game.

IGIVEUP Infinite Lives
ACE Harder AI
FARMBOY Fly the Millennium Falcon
TOUGHGUY Get all the upgrades
DIRECTOR Watch all the in-game movies
CREDITS View the credits
CHICKEN Get the AT-ST bonus mission
RADAR Radar that shows height
MAESTRO Listen to game music movements
  Download the complete player profile

Bonuses pg. 1
Bonuses pg. 2
More Missions
Secret Ships